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entrance to the Hall of Fame

the larger-than-life Statue of the Stockman out front

The cinema with curved rows of seats to match the huge curved...

lots of swallows have made this place home

outside looking towards the live-entertainment pavilion

Jane's "briefcase spinning wheel" is delivered

assembled in 3-4 mins and in use

Wed 21st Oct - Stockman’s Hall of Fame

I was up early this morning (if you call 7:15 early) and was sitting outside with Joan when a couple of blokes left the motel. They told us they were on their way to Quilpie for a videography job they had to do. They come from Byron Bay but have been outback for a couple of weeks doing various assignments. They told us about the time when they passed through Yaraka and did a short video they put up on YouTube about the emus there. Apparently they like making their way into the pub and up to the bar. They’ve now been banned from the bar. Check out Google - “Yaraka Emus”. Might not be the same video but you’ll learn all about them.

The last Full Day has arrived and there is only one thing left that we wanted to do and that was to see the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre. The centre was officially opened by the Queen in 1988 32yrs ago so I guess it is time for a renovation. The main exhibits closed the day we arrived in Longreach and the only parts now open are the reception, cafe, shop and movie theatre. These renovations were done between Oct last year and June this year. Management are hoping that this closure will finish for reopening at the start of tourist season April 2021. Wandering around outside we have been reminded again of how well bougainvillea does even in very dry areas. We have been to this exhibit before back in the 1990s.

We were booked in to the theatre for the 25min show at 10:15 and were there in plenty of time with the taxi double run. The entry fee for today didn’t break the bank just $5 each. It is an excellent overview of the development of rural Australia since settlement and is projected onto a huge wide curved screen by 5 projectors. After the movie we enjoyed jam, scones and cream in the cafe and then had a little wander outside at the surrounds. Met up with a man while we were looking at the huge number of swallow’s mud nests and found out that we have mutual friend at Wellington Pt.

We’re not sure why they had to close the Hugh Sawry Art Gallery as it is in a separate building and could have remained open while the renovations are being done. We were told that a lot of the renovations will incorporate interactive displays when finished. Our taxi driver tells us it is 40deg outside today so we all happily went back to our cool rooms for lunch, a read, and a nap (perhaps).

This afternoon the motel manager brought around her Briefcase Spining Wheel for us all to see. It was truly amazing. Tonight we headed out for dinner - at the RSL again.

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