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amazing interactive info display - just a giant computer screen

the amphibious Catalina outside in the scorching heat - est 40deg

inside the original QANTAS hanger

Tue 20th Oct - Qantas museum again for 5

This morning we intended for 6 of us to return to the Founders Museum (on a no-cost re-entry pass) to finish looking at the displays. 2 pulled out and one joined in so Chris, Graham, Cheryl, Jan and Ron headed out by taxi. We were going to do it after m/tea but the gathering, chatting and encouragement for Verna went much later so we changed our plan to go after lunch.

This time at the museum we were able to see the full movie of the transfer of the 707 to Longreach, saw the first half of the movie about the Model T Ford expedition to find landing sites in Qld and NT for a mail route Longreach to Darwin and then saw the Catalina outside and the old original QANTAS hanger where they actual built seven aircraft. It has been left in similar condition to how it was originally used. In the attached air-conditioned theatre we watched the movie made in the 1960s of the history of QANTAS. It was narrated by one of the original founders. After a milk shake in the cafe, we caught a taxi back dropping off 3 at the motel and Jan and I continued by taxi to the supermarket for our tea and some frui.t. The taxi in Longreach has three rates - $13 6am to 6pm, $15 6pm to 11:00pm and $20 11pm to 6am. It doesn’t matter whether you want to go 1 block or 3kms, it’s a flat charge Yet another great day was had.

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