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the Jumbo up close

who removed the doors? - "get a room", they called out

the old DC3 once owned by Bush Pilots who serviced far NQ

one of 4 exquisite quilts in the museum

Yay - I've been able to post an extra 20 pics so you can backtrack to Entry 5 on the 14th to check out the photos

Sat 17th Oct - QANTAS Museum

These heavy curtains together with an air conditioner through the night are a guarantee that we won’t wake early. Once again we aren’t up before 8am - but we did wake fresh after a good night’s sleep. The morning was quiet but Jan and I did scoot down town to get a couple of items from the shopping centre 7minute walk away. 4 others hired a taxi to go downtown and do some shopping and spend time in the Settlers Store (the converted pub which has so many museum items and displays). After morning tea 8 of us caught the maxi taxi (there’s only 1 in Longreach) to the Qantas Founders Museum at 11:30. It’s only 2km away but today the temp is expected to be in the high 30s so it would be most unpleasant walking in the sun.

The Founders Museum has a great display of various exhibits including static, audio, electronic and interactive. We weren’t able to do it justice in the time we had. At 1:00 we called it quits in order to get lunch at the QANTAS cafe so that we would be ready for the 2:00pm guided tour of the external display of their four aircraft under the new full roof - a DC3, Jumbo 747, Super Constellation and a 707 which had been converted from a standard fit out to a personalised over-the-top fit out for a personal buyer. That roof cost $13.1mill and is an excellent way to not only protect the 4 aircraft but also enhance the experience of wandering around externally. I wondered if we have flown on the DC3 from Weipa to Cairns in 1973. This plane was owned by Bush Pilots Airways at one time. This guided tour by our young guide Ria [pr. RYE-A] was excellent value and took us through to 3:45pm. As the museum closes at 4pm we were able to get an extension of our museum ticket to allow us to come back another day - perhaps on Tuesday. We’ll see.

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