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THU - 15th Oct - town orientation, RSL

Trivia question - Is the town of Longreach north or south of the Tropic of Capricorn?

It had been decided to have a quiet day, nothing organised, just pickup some groceries, check out some shops, etc. 'Orientation' means:- where are the nearest Coffee and Bakery shops!!! We were told last night that the Outback Aussie Tours coach with a friend driving it would be due in at their office (across the road in the railway station building) at 9:00am so Ron walked over to meet it. Sure enough it arrived on time on the dot of 9:00am. Our old friends from Ron’s Inoxcrom days were the driver and host for the trip - Peter and Dana. Neither of them recognised me - no wonder - out of context, and a time lapse of more than 12 years. We chatted for a few minutes after they had farewelled their 20 or so passengers and agreed to catch up sometime during the next week.

Breakfast was had in the main street where the cafe (Caseys) agreed to bring out our order to the picnic tables in the middle of the street (because of a limitation on the number able to fit inside with Covid restrictions). On for a stroll of which the most amazing stop was the Station Store. At first I thought it was just a fancy store with both clothing and souvenirs - but - we found it was an amazingly displayed museum collection of items from a past era in outback Qld. On to the IGA and picked up some basic items so that we weren’t dependant on restaurant meals for a week. Back home for a snack lunch and a rest.

At 5:15 we all assembled in the court yard to walk around the block to the RSL. The meals were huge and most bought children’s meal portions which were more than adequate and included ice cream to follow. How good is that? Jan and I walked the long way home taking in an extra block to walk off some of our meal.

A round table discussion later back at the Motel and we had made bookings for eight of us to go to the QANTAS Founders Museum on Saturday.

An easy day but still a satisfying one without wearing out this like-minded bunch of retirees.

ANSWER to TRIVIA QUESTION - Neither - The Tropic of Capricorn is aligned through the town.

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