Longreach by Train for some NBC_ers travel blog

at the Rocky platform waiting to be towed backwards to get on...

it's 5:05am and the sun is just starting to make its presence...

WED - 14th Oct - enroute Maryborough to Barcaldine

I think we were probably somewhere near Maryborough at about midnight. After that I (Ron) dropped off into a light sleep.

I awoke when the train stopped at Rockhampton station at 4:40. Got up and hung around at the open door but didn’t go onto the platform. To make the change onto the west bound line, a loco from the front dropped off, went to the rear and coupled up creating 3 or 4 severe bumps which even the sound sleepers heard and felt. Then the train moved in reverse for 5 - 10kms out of Rockhampton before the rear loco dropped off and we then set off at 5am towards Longreach with just the 2 locos.

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