Longreach by Train for some NBC_ers travel blog

that's melons on the ground between the rows of unknown trees

creating access roads for the rail gangs working on the lines

I wonder if they are glad for the 10min break waiting for...

I can see the beginning from 'almost the end'

rain drops at Alpha - wonder why it waited so long -...

see - I told you it was rain - even it wasn't...

WED - 14th Oct - enroute Rockhampton to Barcaldine

At various places there are signs of recent rain in the last few days. Also saw a couple of brolgas moving away from near the train line. There were several long stretches of slow travel - one of the staff had indicated that prolonged heat causes buckling of rails requiring a slower speed to navigate those areas. Also came across a couple of large work gangs working on the rails requiring a slower speed. Crossing the Drummond Range after we passed through Anakie was a long very slow climb.

Several of us got out of the train at Alpha to stretch legs and it was starting to rain - Gibsons must be on holidays !!!! It didn’t last long - just enough so it was evident on our shirts. On through Jericho which brought back memories of a coach tour with Ron’s brother Jim when we all camped overnight on the banks of the Jordan River in the town of Jericho.

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