The coach gets an alignment

Our setup at the VanEmms

Our setup at the VanEmms

Yup, it’s Smokey here, some days are better than others.

John fishing at a local small trout lake

Us with Gary and Kathy

Dave and Gary mugging it up for fun

Us and Gary and Kathy sing Happy Birthday to a friend.

Not everything is this state (Nevada is the fourth largest) is far apart. Especially when you consider the north western portion of this state used to be the most populous. So, our drive from Fernley to Mound House is always a short 60 miles. Our friends, The Van Emmeriks, have come to the rescue again with an invite to park on their property and wait out this China Virus. We’ll be toggling between Dave’s brothers home in Fernley and here. We (the four of us) were supposed to go to a nearby lake, Pyramid Lake, for a grand month of fishing. However, this darn China Virus has struck even that wonderful outdoor plan. This Pyramid Lake is owned by the Piute Tribe who had closed down all recreation at the lake back in March. There seems to be no immediate plans to reopen the lake. Without an extended fishing trip, our friends offered us to come to their place instead and hangout. We can only hope that with no one fishing at Pyramid Lake, the fishing next spring should be spectacular! That is, if and only if, it’s open by then.

It was time to get the coach a good quality front end alignment, so we made an appointment with the best place in this area to get one done on a large vehicle. That place is Purcell Goodyear a tire dealer and fix-it shop for large vehicles. The alignment shop has a great reputation. And sure enough, Dave was impressed with the care they took of our home and the preciseness of their work. The only BAD part of the story was that the tech said we’re in bad need of new “King Pins” of which, there are four. The coach only has 27,000 miles on it. But, the first owner may never greased the 11 front zerk fittings. We have done at least 5 grease jobs on the front parts, cuz that’s what Dave does well. Dave blames the damage on the bad freeways. But, nonetheless, he’ll pay even more attention to greasing, maybe every 6 months. Now we’re faced with a $2400 bill when the parts come in and 2 days for them to be switched out !

In the mean time, Dave and John will go fishing on the local small lakes and a couple of the local rivers. Rivers such as the Truckee, which runs through downtown Reno. And, the Carson River which is not far from here.

Another China Virus disaster was the cancellation of our European River Cruise we were going to take with Dave’s brother Gary and his wife, Kathy. When we got word from the people at Viking River Cruises that we’re cancelled we immediately found another cruise 2 years away. But, to not be too discouraged and still wanting to be together we took the opportunity to go to their home and visit for 6 days! We pretended to be in Paris and on the rivers while we languished in their pool and hot tub. It was fun.

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