Dave updates the travel journal outside at Florence, note the fleece jacket

The fires of Oregon from satellite image, YIKES !

On our way toward Eugene.

This note was giving to us by South Jetty park staff. When...

On our way to Eugene

Ugh! As we get closer to Eugene the smoke gets more dense.

The ash is falling like a light snow flurry...

We stay here for the budget concerns, other parks in the area...

Right away, I gotta tell you that among the many reasons we go to the OR and WA coasts, staying away fro smoke generated by mountain fires is one of those reasons! The prevailing winds usually blow smoke eastward. Yes, with so many fires in the mountains and foothills along with the wind shifting it’s blow to the west! The 60 mile drive for us was very spooky from the dense smoke. When we went to bed Monday night the winds blew in hot, hot air of almost 80 degrees and very dense smoke all the way to Florence. It was weird to have the outside 5:00 pm be 62 degrees with 80% humidity then at 9:00 p.m. the outside temperature was 80 degrees with 41% humidity and very smoky! We were warned that such a change was coming from local TV news. In the mean time, several new fires had started and expanded creating so much smoke that on our way to Eugene the sun was very dark orange.

We’re glad to have landed safely about noon in our site at Shamrock RV park down by the river. We no sooner had setup when several other RV’s came in right behind us, they had been evacuated from fire areas. I’m sure all the RV parks and open parking lots, like Walmart, Cabelas and Malls will be full in the coming days.

We’ll be here visiting with Rebeccas in-laws for about 6 days. Then the slow migration south for the winter begins.

Be sure to check our itinerary for the most recent updates!

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