Welcome to TT Whalers Rest, again...

We quickly setup on space 48

And Dave puts the t-shirts on the mirrors, while Rebecca decorates our...

Notice that our dash buddies all have Covid masks on too! Though...

Our backyard for relaxing and de-stressing .

Ginger eagerly looks for her squirrel and chipmunk friends

They must be here somewhere!

Daddy’s two little Angels enjoy the morning sun coming through the trees.

A day of sunshine on the beach.

At the entrance of the park

Nice landscaping

Nana’s at Nye Beach Newport, OR. We recommend it..

Bangers and Mash

Shepherds Pie

Take off the cheap plastic feet, Dave cut them off with a...

Replace them with black rubber 3/4 inch feet

Put the washer in the rubber foot, a dob of GOOP and...

Just like this

Make sure the new rubber foot is all the way on and...

Cheap chair will last longer if you do this......

Apply real tight “zip strips” to the joints that have rubber grommets

Such as here and here

Or here like this

Cinch them down real tight and snip close to the lock.

Our 126 Miles from Seaside to South Beach near Newport is a bit of a slow drive. Most of you could drive that distance on a freeway in about 2 hours, however it is quite a difference story when your driving the back country with roads in bad condition guiding a 56 foot combination that weighs 28,000 pounds! And, we’re considered medium size in the industry! ! ! We love our life on the road but sometimes we don’t like THE roads.

This stop is a short one of only 8 days as Dave lagged some on calling for reservations after the Fourth of July and he could only get us in here for 8 days. He was lucky to get that. But all is well. At our last stop in Seaside, our anniversary of 23 years was going to be such a nice celebration with wonderful dinner overlooking the beach and ocean with our favorite wines and wonderful seafood dinner at our favorite place... DIDN’T HAPPEN ! ! Dave called for reservations about 11 a.m. talked to the nice lady, everything was set. We thought it odd as we walked up to the garden entrance that there were no other people outside enjoying the fine food..... Then we noticed the “Closed” sign on the sign board. UGH! Something must’ve happened in the mean time to cause them to close. But, We developed a back up plan, right! Another nice restaurant in the heart of downtown. So, we enjoyed a nice dinner of our choice, just NOT AS nice as we’d hoped. When we landed here, we determined to “make up” for the debacle on our anniversary. We did that by splurging a dinner at Nana’s Irish Pub here in the Nye Beach area of Newport. One of our fave spots! We enjoyed the time, dinner, beer and toasted to 23 or more years Yet to come!

In this edition, you’ll see some photos of a neat “chair hack” Dave has been doin for years but just lately thought of sharing it with you.. We got some “cheap” camping chairs from Walmart. The hard plastic feet on the chairs tend to wear through and come apart in short order. Dave gets 4 black 3/4 inch rubber chair leg feet from ACE Hardware and 1/4 inch washers which have 3/4 inch diameter to be used as inserts and a tube of all purpose GOOP. Take off the old plastic feet, insert the washers into the new rubber feet, squirt a dob of GOOP and put the new feet on the chair.. These will last years! Another thing to do to make these $20 chairs last longer is to cinch down plastic wire ties, zip strips on each joint where there is a rubber or plastic grommet. Dave uses two sizes of zip strips, a fine 3 or 4 inch and a standard 6 or 8 inch. Apply these to all those black grommets and your chairs will last much longer. Doing this keeps the rubber grommets from rotting and falling off and therefore, leaving no support for the rivets.

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