TT Seaside

We relax after hard day of relaxing! It’s tough out here...

We finally get a wonderful warm day!

Our 120 mile drive south on US Hwy 101 was smooth and trouble free. Except for a quick stop for gasoline In the coach at a nearby Costco It was a fast trip. It only takes 3 hours to drive this route which is over hill and dale.

We’ll be here for two weeks, mostly hunkering down from the societal effects of the “China Virus”. We’ll be celebrating our wedding anniversary while here. Yep, it’s been 23 years! If one does the math, we’ve been on the road 3 years longer than haven’t.

We hope this note finds you and your families well and safe from all illnesses including Covid. Please be safe in all aspects, we care for all our readers. Also, if your tired and as weary of the turmoil in the big cities as many we’ve spoken to are, we advocate getting out to the mountains, desert, oceanside and shake it off... What has certainly has helped us a lot was turning off our TV.

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