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Vegas Experience

Vegas Exerience

We have been in Las Vegas now for a couple of days. Basically we wanted to see how they were operating with all the virus issues. There are 51000 cases in Nevada and 45000 are in Clark County (Vegas). We are being very careful.

Basically Vegas is kind of a ghost town. The casinos are empty. They seem to be using this opportunity to work on infrastructure, the Strip is torn up, and practically everything is closed. A lot of the casinos have plastic barriers to protect the dealers and players. Three people maximum at a blackjack table and 6 people max at craps tables. It's hard to get interested in gambling. We have been here about 50 times over the years, so we didn't bother with a lot of pictures. Everyone has seen Vegas.

We took a ride to the downtown area, which is now called the Vegas Experience. They have a huge canopy over Fremont St. that has light shows. It's kind of cool. Yesterday evening we stopped in Mandalay Bay and the Luxor. Again, very quiet. We even had trouble finding anything open to get dinner.

Our RV park is about 5 miles south of the strip. There is a resort called the Silverton which looked nice. We stopped in for a few minutes. I picked up a little traveling money at the blackjack table and Cindy picked up some on the slots. We will keep our profit for future RV repair bills.

We're headed to California tomorrow. We have an overnight stay at Acton and then into Santa Maria. We are looking forward to getting out of the desert. Goodbye 100+ degree heat.

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