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We have been so busy lately, including today, but we finally have a breather and I'm trying to get a journal entry written for you loyal readers.

Let's see, where to begin...

First, I should let you know that I have resolved the problems mentioned in the last journal entry. We cancelled a trip we had planned for later this month, including a Motel reservation for a stop in Nebraska to visit friends. In lieu of that trip we are hoping to spend a week or so in the Rio Grande Valley this coming winter. If conditions permit we will visit friends, have some fun in Mexico, Padre Island, and have time to visit friends along the way.

I must mention that we have friends who tested positive for the COVID-19 viral infection. Other friends are grieving the loss of a loved one and are unable to go through the normal funeral service because of the COVID restrictions in place.

Our only sports enjoyment has been the kids baseball games and then our grandson racing at the fair. We have attended these events while being very aware of social distancing and using common sense.

Today our daughter and both grandkids were here, along with "Stubby" the awesome puppy we have fun with.

Friends Don & Sue arrived in town today so we plan to spend some time with these friends starting tomorrow.

Now, one last thing.... I would like to ask you dear readers to please keep our friends, Denny & Jackie, along with John & Lori, in your prayers.

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