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Today I had one of those rarely experienced days which come along once in a while. Our daughter called in the afternoon and when she asked what we were doing, I realized that I was still in my PJ's.

I have been busy all day long, beginning with the normal morning chores, and then I mentioned to my sweet little gnome that I was looking forward to working on my book today. I continued that I had an empty agenda and could maybe get the editing finished today. Ha! I worked away wearing my casual attire, enjoying every comfortable minute.

After a stop for breakfast and a phone conversation with friends Denny & Jackie, I did work on the book for a while. I heard the mailman go by so when I took out the trash I walked to the end of our drive, checked the mailbox, and found that a bill was the only thing we received today.

A quick check revealed a bill that I felt we didn't owe. Phone conversations followed, with of course the usual computer voice commanding me to push buttons for English, for ordering, for paying a bill, etc, etc, etc. Everything but what I wanted or needed.

I had to get on line to make sure that a check I sent last month had been cashed. Indeed, It had and now the company which sent me a bill is checking things and left me with a promise to call me back when they have things straightened out. Right!

Checking my bank statement brought to light yet another problem and I spent another two hours getting the actual problem identified. Now I have others to deal with but it will wait until tomorrow.

Life isn't always easy, but my book will be finished before too long. It just won't be today!

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