Our favorite place to eat while in the Ocean Shores area

Music and the food is awesome, too!

Even Sasquatch can’t get a break from masking up!

For two weeks, if you don’t have sewer hookup, ya gotta haul.

This is hows it’s done for the gray water, using a utility...

Pull it over to the car and connect it for towing the...

Connect the nozzle to the hose then position the hose at the...

Then let the tank empty, rinse when done and take it back...

It’s beautiful up here

We found several roadside waterfalls

Pretty little scene of stream going under a bridge.

Another waterfall along the way

The Quinault Lodge at Lake Quinault

Oh, oh even here up in the mountains

Our view as we ate our lunch on the deck of the...

A reverse view, while Rebecca waited for Dave on the deck

There she is...

Inside the lodge

Inside the lodge

Map of the areas hiking trails and such

Some beautiful scenery to enjoy

Some beautiful scenery to enjoy

Our time here is almost up and so it’s time to show y’all what we’ve done. First and foremost, at least for Dave , he fished and fished. What’s more, he taught two other guys how to surf fish. What better way to get fishing buddies! As a result we had red tail surf perch and flounder for dinner, we sure like the bounty from the sea. We made nearly daily walks on the beach or fishing jaunts to the beach. From our RV space to the high tide mark (firm sand) on the beach is a .65 mile walk, most of it in soft sand!

In addition, we have had some guests come visit us. First there was Dick and Beverly our pals from Brenda, AZ, then Jack and Elaine whom we met here about 8 years ago. We made friends with Bob and Paula from Surprise, AZ whom we met at our last stop, but we became better acquainted here.

One day we took a tour up north to visit the Olympic National Forest and the beautiful Lake Quinault with its magnificent ninety year old lodge. This area sits on the south side of the Olympic National Park, from our RV Park it’s a nice an easy drive to get there. All in all it made for a six hour day of touring.

Some changes have been made to our itinerary, so please go to it and check it out....

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