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In spite of a steady light rain, we enjoyed having the windows open as we shared our morning coffee together.

The sound of the rain outdoors blended with the soft music indoors and set an excellent ambience for us.

We had finished the coffee and completed the chores before the intensity of the rain became a bit too much for the open windows and we were forced to close them, shutting off the pleasant sound of gentle rain we had enjoyed so much.

Our friend Jason, whose back yard adjoins ours, texted me asking if we would like some fresh peaches. He would bring them over after lunch if the rain stopped, he promised.

The rain did let up and Jason joined us for a nice visit. Even without the fresh peaches, we enjoy his visits. It sure is nice to have neighbors like Jason and his family.

We ate whatever we could find in the fridge and relaxed all day.

In the evening I retrieved a frozen pork shoulder from the freezer and started the thawing process. The plan is to prepare it with injection and a rub tomorrow evening, store it in the fridge overnight, and put it in the smoker on Saturday morning.

The family will be here to enjoy pulled pork on Saturday afternoon.

We sure do enjoy BBQ.

So this peaceful, rainy day drifts softly to a close. Now if I can just convince me sweet little gnome to bake some peach cobbler tomorrow.

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