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My sweet little gnome had a "girl's shopping day" planned with our daughter and granddaughter today.

With that in mind I was up early to complete several chores including brewing a fresh pot of coffee. My honey was up in time to pour coffee for both of us and we spent time together sharing our coffee and our morning conversation.

The time passed quickly and Marilyn soon headed to the garage to drive off to meet Jennifer in Palmyra.

She returned in just a moment to inform me that the battery was dead in her car. I sent her off in the Van and I soon had her car running but by that time she was already at the appointed meeting place.

I kept track of the ladies progress with the "Life 360" app on my phone and began working on my book.

I added the narrative for the final five chapters which took the remainder of the morning.

I realized that I still had my PJ's on and hadn't yet taken my shower so I put the computer down and took care of those chores before returning to work on my book.

Now I simply need to start editing those final five chapters.

Marilyn was on the way home and I realized that I hadn't taken time for lunch yet so I prepared salmon patties and mixed veggies, while Marilyn fixed coleslaw.

We then sat together for a late lunch/early dinner.

It was a good day and now it;s time for a relaxing evening.

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