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The grandkids stayed overnight with us and I was the breakfast cook this morning. While Lauren took a walk with my sweet little gnome, I prepared pancakes for all four of us. Much to my surprise, Colby ate only a little bit. Perhaps the dinner he ate last night of four "Sloppy Joe" sandwiches, along with a huge bowl of ice cream and some chips, filled him up. LOL

After breakfast we went outdoors to work. It was getting really hot by this time but Colby mowed the lawn using the riding mower, while Lauren trimmed with the "Weed Eater".

Marilyn watered the plants while I directed and supervised the yard work. Colby and Lauren were happy with the money too.

We had spoken to Steve & Jennifer and decided to take the grandkids home after taking them out for lunch.

We visited with our daughter and son-in-law for a bit before heading back home to rest and watch some TV. We have been watching another series, this time it is "Queen of the South". It's another TV series about the drug cartels and is enjoyable to watch.

Now we are ready for whatever life has in store for us this next week. Life is good!

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