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Next Monday, July 20th, we will celebrate the anniversary of the first landing on the moon. Apollo 11, with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins on board the Command Module, were the crew for that mission.

I worked at Goddard Space Center at the time and felt a real sense of pride when Neil Armstrong announced "Houston, The Eagle has Landed".

The Sea of Tranquility, officially called Mare Tranquillitatis, can be seen from earth.

One of the first things the astronauts did after landing was to put up a Corner cube array, called a retro-reflector, on the surface of the moon, which would reflect back a laser pulse fired at the moon from an Observatory in California, allowing us to pinpoint the exact location of the Lunar Module on the surface.

There is much more to the story but many books have been written about that history-making event.

Now, back on earth at the present time: I fixed a batch of Sausage & Shrimp Gumbo today and it was delicious. Both of us like Gumbo and we have fond memories of visiting friends, Don & Sharon, Larry & Doris Ann, Sherry, and others from northeast Missouri, at a house rented by Don & Sharon near Port Aransas in Texas. We all worked together to fix a fantastic batch of Gumbo with fresh seafood. It was great company and a wonderful time with friends as we enjoyed the Gumbo and Games. We laughed so much that our jaws ached. We have such awesome memories with our friends. Life is Good!

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