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It seems that I am always trying to catch up with my journal lately. We've been so busy lately that it hasn't been easy to catch up and it's always easier to say to myself, "I'll get that done tomorrow." Mom used to tell me that "Tomorrow never comes so do it today." She was right again!

Thursday the RV gang gathered at Bob & Janet's house for pizza. Everyone made their own and the pizza oven they have was baking them as fast as we could prepare them for the oven. The pizza was delicious and the company was great. We lingered long after the last crumb was finished off and then, when we decided it was time to head for home, Jackie informed us that we hadn't had dessert yet and she had prepared cake and a peanut butter pie. Oh My!!

Once the dessert was finished off, again to the last crumb, we did head for home. That dessert was the perfect ending to another fine day.

Friday began in a normal manner for us as we completed the chores, including feeding and walking the puppy!

Denny & Jackie drove in around 2:00 in the afternoon as we had planned to go out for a hamburger with them. We decided to show them around so we drove out to the golf course and the Bear Creek sports complex.

Marilyn suggested we stop by the mansion to say hello to John & Julie. They have been super busy all week long so it seemed a good idea to stop just for a moment to say "Hi".

John & Julie are such good friends and they insisted that we stay for a while. Not wishing to impose on their time with guests, we informed them that we were heading out for a sandwich. "Great", Julie said, "Go get sandwiches and bring them back here". Because she insisted that we should do that, we obeyed her command and were soon back with food. We all sat together, talking and laughing and having a fine time in the company of one another.

Later, it was a bit more serious as we said goodbye to our friends Denny & Jackie. They left here on Saturday morning, heading home. We sure hope to see them again soon, maybe when they pass through here on the way to the Rio Grande Valley. Life is Good!

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