Trip to Peru 2006 travel blog

map of the trail

our group ready to head out

82 km marker start of the Inca Trail

train to Agues Calientes

bridge crossing the Urubamba river




Kanta national flower of Peru




Ruins for Patallacte




looking toward Dead Women Pass at 13,769 ft.









dinning tent

Huayllabmba at 9840 ft.

wooded Inca sign




Kaan GAP tour guide and Roberto our Main Inca tour guide

first camp site LLalluchapampa at 11,808 ft.



early morning second day


we travel through many different landscapes

rain forest

open valleys


high Andes mountain



make way for the porters

on to the summit

white tail deer

guide said we very lucky to see them

made it to the top huffing and puffing for air

a bit of rest waiting for our guide

looking back down the trail

a couple ladies on top

the trail behind me

down the other side to lunch stop

the first part of the group to the top of second pass


ruins of Puncy Racray

resting place

the second pass at 12955 ft.



Sayac Marca

steep stairway to the top 150 ft above the trail

nice view from top


wooden log for water

looking through the mist our second night stop

ruins of Concha Marca

hole in the stone was for a hinge for a door

large stone used for a Temple



can see our second camp site Chaquicocha at 11,808 ft.




This morning was a early wake up call leaving the hotel at 6:00 AM we head off to Ollantayambo where we meet the other members of the hike, this is also a GAP group there are 6 from my group and 6 from the other group, joining to make the group of 12 people. Then we are off to the km 82 marker the starting point for the hike we have two guides, two cooks and 19 porters who carry most of our stuff. The new members are 1 lady and 2 men from England, a father and daughter from Ireland, and there tour leader from Turkey. We start at 9:00 AM and hike for 4 hours a easy trip to our lunch stop, where there is a cook tent and a dinning tent set up (with a table with table cloth and stools) wow, a vegetable soup and a chicken salad did not expect this, LOL. On the hike we pass many ruins as we travel through the area reaching our first camp site where our tents are set up along with the cook and dinning tents. When we got into the camp there is hot tea and snacks while we relax and wait for dinner, starting with a nice soup, main course and desert, hot tea. Time to kick back after the first day hike.

On the 28th a wake up call at 5:30 AM with a bowl of warm water to freshen up and a cup of hot coffee to start the day. A walk around a bit stretching our legs getting ready for the big climb of the hike, a nice breakfast, filling our water jugs then we are off. Today we climb up the steep path to Warmiwanusca (Dead Women Pass) it is the highest point on the trek at 4198 m (13,769 ft.) easy, HAHA. Then down the other side to our lunch stop a bit of rest then up the second pass Runkuraqay this one is only 3998 m (13,113 ft.) a piece of cake, LOL. Then back down to our camp site for the night. A nice bowl of warm water to wash up, tea and snacks, time to relax before another great dinner, off to bed.

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