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Yesterday was another of those hot, humid, summer days here in Missouri. I was up at 5:00 in the morning to take our favorite puppy, Stubby for a walk. By the time we returned, my sweet little gnome had the coffee on and we relaxed for a while with coffee and soft music in the sunroom.

Finally we knew we could stall no longer and had to get busy. We completed all of the normal daily chores and soon had things in tip top shape here in the house.

I put the brisket in the smoker at 8:30 and allowed it to smoke at 225 degrees for 4 and a half hours. At that time it reached 165 degrees so we took it out of the smoker and wrapped it in foil. I poured the remainder of the liquid I used to spritz it every 45 minutes, over the top of the brisket before sealing up the foil wrap, and returned it to the smoker/grill until the temperature reached 204 degrees.

I tested it for tenderness and decided it was time to take it off and allow it to rest.

Denny & Jackie arrived and shortly after that, Bob & Janet arrived, followed by Steve & Cathy. They all brought food and a fine meal was soon ready.

I have to admit that the guys stood watching the carving of the brisket and sampling the small pieces. (Sometimes the larger pieces too.)

We all enjoyed the delicious flavor of the brisket and the other dishes provided by the ladies.

We had a wonderful time eating, laughing at the wild stories, and enjoying the company of good friends.

We were surprised to see that the time had slipped by so fast and it was nearly bedtime by the time we were alone again.

Another pleasant memory is now stored in the memory bank and assures us that Life is Good!

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