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It's time for me to catch up. We've been busy but it's all fun. After that wonderful fireworks celebration here at Lake Hannibal, we went to visit "Stubby" and brought him home with us. For you who haven't met Stubby, he is the Miniature Australian Shepherd and the pet of our grandkids.

He goes wild with joy whenever we visit them so we decided to bring him here to spend some time with us. He is such a good puppy and we enjoy having him with us.

Yesterday, Denny & Jackie arrived to spend a week nearby in their motorhome. They are great friends and it's almost like having our RV gang together again. Bob & Janet, Steve & Cathy, Denny & Jackie, along with Marilyn & I shared a fun time together at the Mexican restaurant in Palmyra last evening. Lots of laughter and good natured harassment of one another went on but we did miss the members of our RV group who weren't with us.

This afternoon, Denny & Jackie will be here to add merriment to the task of preparing a beef brisket for the smoker. They brought the beef brisket with them and we will smoke it tomorrow, when the RV group will be together again.

We have several other events planned but I'll wait to tell you about them.

I will admit that nearly all of the events planned by our RV gang involves food of some sort and this visit by Denny & Jackie is no different. We went out to eat last evening, this evening we are sharing a meal with Denny & Jackie, tomorrow the entire gang will gather here for smoked brisket, Wednesday it will be Brats, burgers, and beer with the entire gang at Denny & Jackie's, Thursday has Pizza on the menu at Bob & Janet's. Oh My!!

No wonder we all have such a good time together. With this group you are assured that Life is Good!

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