TT Seaside

Our setup on space 42

Space 42 is on the far right of the map, indicated by...

our friends the Freedman’s, link up with us after many years and...

The end of the road, turn-a-round at the sea.

The journey of Lewis and Clark ended near here

The beach is not full of people as in the past

We always like driving along the Oregon coastal highway, the scenery is beautiful and the road is winding enough to keep the driver alert, though Rebecca says it keeps the passenger panicked! This day the drive was wonderful and a short 125 miles. We found a great level spot and quickly setup. Our drive up and down the coast, whether for pleasure or moving, there are things that remind us that COVID has left an indelible mark. As we passed by Tillamook Cheese plant in Tillamook, OR the normally full parking lot was absolutely 100% empty! We usually stop there for a dish of their ice cream, just not this day.

Oh, What Fun this place is for children of all ages... We have been here several times before, it never disappoints. And, we have our favorite places to eat and things to do here. We’ll be here for two weeks for this visit. Dave has a few PM (Periodic maintenance) things to do on the motorhome. Other than that we’ll be touring and sight seeing.

While Dave was outside fiddling with the patio furniture, a couple walked by and recognized us. Son-of-a-gun it happened to be “long lost friends” of Dave from the 70’s. The Freedman’s have just recently come out to the road from their former home near Kirkland, WA. It was an awesome reunion and we spent two evenings together catching up on the past 40-plus years.

Our little doggie, Ginger had too much fun on the beach at our last stop one day. She was playing chase with a larger dog who kinda bowled over her once. The next day Ginger was very, very sore, even whimpering at times. When we moved to Seaside, we discovered there is not a Veterarian in the area that would take her in quickly. So, on the suggestion of one of the offices we called and went to an Emergency Vet in Hillsboro, about a 1 hour drive. The staff at Tanasbourne Emergency Vet are wonderful. The evaluation revealed Ginger had what amounts to a “Whip-lash” to her neck. So with 3 scripts to keep her pain free and back to normal in a few days we came home and nursed Ginger back to health. She now has her chipper dynamic personality back!

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