The Gals enjoy the wet beach for a walk and waves.

Our beach with waves

Dave takes a "selfie" on his way to surf fishing

Surf Fishing with beautiful afternoon silver sun

Another day of surf fishing

At Depoe Bay, be sure to eat at Tidal Raves, Awesome!

View from inside Tidal Raves

We pause for a pose along the Depoe Bay walk

Dave liked these three boats lined up so colorful

Still at Depoe Bay with waves crashing around us.

the view across the inlet of Depoe Bay

Ginger gets in on the action of wave watching

A relaxing evening at home with the gas fire going.

This is what we do... in the evenings

A tender moment

On his way to fishing Dave, came across this scene...

Near Devils Churn and Heceta Head

Cape Perpetua in the distance

spouting horn with Cape Perpetua in the distance.

Heceta Head and bay, the light house is hidden by trees

Spouting Horn, "thar she blows"

Heading south toward Florence.

We have lunch outside on the deck of the restaurant on the...

A foggy drizzlie beach

As we sit to watch the waves, this is what we see...

sandy faced from diggin holes in the sand

some kites being flown on the beach

it's a busy beach, today

lotsa people enjoying the foggy breezy beach today

Ginger says, "that's all folks" as we get ready to move in...

Well, while it has been good to be along the Central Coast of Oregon along with the accompanying rain, drizzle and fog, the dog-gone fishing could've been better! Dave hit the surf along our adjacent beaches about every other day and reports that except for a single fish, Red-tailed Surf Perch, it was all "casting practice"! Oh well, perhaps that is why it's called "fishing" and not "catching"...

COVID Note- We were asked to stay in our vehicle when we checked in and the nice ranger did all he needed to do. While the RV Park is open for guests to come and go the amenities and facilities are not! The pool is closed as are the children's playgrounds, store, office and such. If you need or want to speak to a staff member you'll need to call the office and make an appointment. Wear a mask while talking to the staff.

On two of the nice sunny days we went for day trips north and south. One of those days we went north to Lincoln City. We just happened to stop in at the Outlet center and the G.H. BASS store, it's going out of business. We bought two pair of shoes each for an upcoming trip we'll be taking. Shoes are 50% off, Luggage is 70% off. We're outfitted now. On our way home we wanted to spend some time in the little town of Depoe Bay. We had lunch at Tidal Raves, walked through the town, along the coastal sidewalk, had some ice cream and watched lots and lots of waves crash on the rocks. We can't get enough wave watching.

Another day, we headed south to Coos bay. With many stops along the way to see the seaside and watch the waves. We have our favorite stops along this drive. Heceta Head Lighthouse is one, Seal Rocks and Devils Churn is another. We had a nice relaxing seafood lunch in Florence along the river.

Our friends, the Armbrusters came to see us for a day. Rebecca prepared a terrific lunch for all of us after their 3 hour drive to get here. We had a great day catching up on the last several years and took a long stroll along our beach.

It warms up slowly along the Oregon coast. For our 21 days here we had 4 or 5 days of sun, the rest were rain, drizzle, fog. Though the temperature seldom waivered from mid 50's at night to low 60's daily.

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