Arriving in Newport this is our first view of the Pacific Ocean

View out the river channel to the open ocean as we cross...

During this Covid time, all facilities are closed

Whalers Rest is a Thousand Trails resort, 5 miles south of Newport

the park is about 25% full

our spot

we carry several flower pots to make it homey for us

a look up our street.

On a walk around the park we find many wonderful flowering bushes.

These Rhododendrens are HUGE!

We walk to the beach on our first day, oh it' s...

Tide is coming in

Rebecca and Ginger pause to gaze at the majesty of the Pacific

After a long walk on the sandy beach Ginger has fun resting...

Then she gets back to digging in the sand...

she says, " Mommy, I smell egg fo yung"..

Back at the site, we all relax, but she still dug, in...

After all the fun and food at Eugene it is of course time to head out. Our easy and breezy drive of 105 miles to South Beach, Oregon which is just a bit south of Newport. We're at one of our favorite Thousand Trails resorts, it's on the coast yet out of the hub-bub of the busy coastal towns. From this park we can take an easy 5 minute walk through the woods and across the highway to the beach. We'll be here for a three week visit, during that time Dave hopes to get some surf fishing in and both of us to catch up on reading. The weather here is usually a lot cooler than inland. We're already experiencing clouds, rain and highs of 58/60 . . . Perfect! Wouldn't rather be any where else!

Dave has checked the tide charts, for fishing, and it indicates there are extreme high and low tides due to the moon being in its full phase. Now, by high tides he reads there is a positive high tide of 9.85 feet and a low of negative -2.5 feet! That's a swing of more than 12 feet in tide here. It's no wonder we hear, from our camp spot the ocean roar louder than we ever remember before.

For those curious about fishing or crabbing and clamming along the Oregon coast, we'd recommend you search You Tube for Oregon Life PK. He, PK is fabulous at describing how to setup for fishing, crabbing and clamming and then cooking your catch!

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