Its an old rundown park, but cheap...

the drive into the park is pretty

some of the residents keep nice yards

some of the residents keep nice yards

some of the residents keep nice yards

They give us a space down by the McKenzie River

Ginger takes time to pose for you down by the river and...

Brother Tim takes Rebecca for a sports car ride

Hang on Rebecca, hope you come back safe!

From Chiloquin to Eugene it is a relatively short drive, about 110 beautiful mountain miles. Don't let the seemingly daunting Mountains here in the West keep you from enjoying the wonder and beauty that is the West. Our coach is a gasser, powered by a Ford V-10 and we haven't had any issues getting up and over the Sierra's or the Cascades. Many times, we pass the loaded down trucks! We're not necessarily the first ones to the top of the mountain, but then again, Who Cares!

We pulled into our reserved spot at Shamrock RV, down by the McKenzie River and relaxed a little. Our visit here is for about a week to visit with family on Rebecca's side. Rebecca has brother Tim and wife Sandy. Also, sister Linda who lives in the same neighborhood. Between the two families we were feed marvelously. With Tim at the BBQ we all gathered each evening for sumptuousness !

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