We land and park in their side yard, but face the Williamson...

The view out our front window, not bad, huh?

it's a popular fishing area.

looking up river we see the swirling of the deep water

Looking down stream it's calm and deeper still

They have faces in the trees, cute! We loved it.

Say Hi! it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood !

As luck would have it, we departed Mound House with the weather ideal, plentiful sunshine, no wind to speak of and the traffic was nil. What a perfect start to what we regard, Back to Normal! After all, you may have discovered that on the road is where we feel the most comfortable... This day, the 324 mile drive north was to a little town just north of Klamath Falls, OR and to land at our friends home. The Martins have a nice grassy area for us that faces the Williamson River. What an idealic spot ! For a pair of fly fishers as we are, this is yummy, very yummy, indeed. Our one night stay with our friends was too short. But, we promise to return later in the fall to enjoy their company, some more beer and try the fly fishing.

Thank you to the Martins for hosting us!

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