Our parking spot in Mound House

flowers and bistro table are so welcome

Rebecca and Jane get caught up on life

Us with brother Frank and wife Sharon

Rebecca and Sharon made these "Covid Mice" for family

rocks, masks and paint flying around all come together to make "Covid...

We drive over the mountians to Calif to visit Gary and Kathy

Note the snow and the cliff, this is South of Lake Tahoe

lots of snow melting creating the beautiful streams and falls

Rebecca and Kathy catch up

we gather for a family photo

next day back over the mountains, first glimpse of Lake Tahoe in...

As the sunsets to the west, we continue around the south end...

After decorating graves for Memorial Day we gathered for picinic lunch with...

more completed "Covid Mice"

Dave after cleaning up and decorating his fathers grave

Rebecca had a birthday while we're in Reno area.

While in the Reno area our goal is to visit with Family and Friends. While doing so we have to be careful to wear our masks when its appropriate. Mind you, most of our friends and family here are our age, elderly, and therefore have underlying health issues which puts us all at higher risk. Ugh! OK! OK! Dang it! We're huggers and it's so UN-NATURAL for us to greet someone we love and care for with out a nice, warm, long hug. That being said, it's so frustrating to be sterile in our greetings. You'll notice in our pictures, we AIN'T wearing no darn masks in our home around our loved ones who have stated they're careful outside their home. And, as I write this story a few week later, everyone we've come in contact with are still safe and healthy including us!

First, we took a couple days to catch up with our friends, Joe and Jane. They had our RV spot ready for us. The bistro table was set in place, with outside rugs to comfort our feet. Over the next several days we visited with Dave's older brothers and their wives for two days each. One brother, Gary and Kathy live south of Sacramento so a drove over the Sierra's, it was fun to see the snow capped mountains along the way. Brother Frank and Sharon are just a few miles away in another Nevada town. The visits with our boys and their families is another story. We have to be careful, as we all know, youth can be walking petri dishes of virus' and bacteria and who knows what else ! So the one time we got to see two grandchildren we stood about 10 feet away and talked for about 10 minutes.

After meeting up with everyone, which we could meet, it's time to move on. We're do in a couple days in Eugene, OR, so pull in the slides, start up the engine, store the stabilizers, buckle up and lets get going on up the road...

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