Key West, Florida

Visiting Florida in the Spring

Florida is a popular place to visit throughout the year, but especially on spring break. It’s a great time to visit as it’s right before the heat of summer, yet still warm enough to go out and enjoy outside. Those who live in harsh winter climates love to escape here especially. If you’re planning to go on your next spring break, here are some bits of help for when you start packing.


Although Florida is known as the sunshine state, it also has its moments of rain. You should look up the weather for the time that you’ll be there to get an idea of what it might be like. This will help you know what clothes to put in your suitcase. Make a list of what you’ll need to bring but try not to overpack. Consider packing something like an outfit a day with one or two extra outfits just in case you need something else.


No matter where you go in Florida, you’ll most likely need shoes to get there. Consider what you will be doing once you get there to determine what kind of footwear you should bring. If you plan on walking the beach, you’ll want to bring some type of sandals or water shoes. Those who are active and workout or plan to go hiking should bring their athletic shoes. No matter what you plan to do on your trip, be sure to bring some type of casual shoes like leather sneakers or something that you will be comfortable in.  


One of Florida’s biggest dangers is its sun. People will often go around thinking they will get tan without properly protecting themselves from the sun’s rays. Sunscreen should be one of your top priorities to pack. While you can buy it once you’re there, it tends to be more expansive because of its high demand. You should also consider bringing some type of sunhat or ball cap to help keep the sun off your face.


No matter where you travel, you should always bring extra money. However, Florida requires you to bring money because of everything it has to offer. There are several excursions you could choose to go on, but there are also several souvenirs to be found. Before you begin swiping your credit card and purchasing everything in sight, make a budget of how much you can spend throughout the course of your trip. Don’t buy the first thing you see either, as you may find it for a better deal in the shop down the street. Shop around a little bit before purchasing something.


Even a trip to Florida calls for you to bring the random items you’ll never know if you will use or not. You should always consider packing various medicines for common illnesses like headaches, allergies, and minor aches and pains.  A first aid kit is always wise to have on hand as well, as you never know what might happen. Depending on where you stay, you may want to bring your own pillows and blankets or pack your own toiletries. What you bring is up to you, but try not to overdo it.


Depending on what you do in Florida, you may want to consider getting travel insurance. It could cover anything that goes wrong with your trip. Whether it be the place where you stay or the activity you were planning on going on, you may want to have a set coverage in case something was to go wrong. No one plans or wishes for something bad to happen, but it’s better to be prepared than risk losing everything. Accidents do happen, but insurance can help you get through them.  


While you may be going somewhere in Florida that has things to do, you might want to consider packing a few things that can help you stay busy during downtimes. If you’re going to the beach, you may want to bring a book to read or some games to play in the sand. For those who are vacationing with family and doing various things all over the place, some board games or family movies are great things to pack. Be careful not to bring too much though, because you’re sure to find some fun new things to buy while traveling.

Florida has stores located all throughout its border so there is no need to worry if you forget something. These are just some tips that can help you not waste time once you arrive.

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