Las Vegas

So maybe you’re not so hot on gambling. And in your mind, that automatically means you will never be interested in a trip to Las Vegas. Not so fast! There are plenty of reasons why Las Vegas is a great city that everyone should visit – even people who have never sat down to gamble in their lives (or shown any interest in gambling).

You Can Rest by the Pool

Las Vegas has around 300 days of sun a year, so much sun that Las Vegas solar panels top an amazing number of houses (and casinos), which makes the city rank in the top 10 in the country for panel installation. You can take advantage of the sun by resting by the pool (or take advantage of that solar power by enjoying the delicious air conditioning inside).

You Can Shop!

Las Vegas has shopping to suit everyone. Splurge on something from the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, or just head to one of Vegas’ many malls to window shop (although you'll probably find something you can't live without).

You Can Enjoy a Show

You never know with Vegas. You might find your favorite band putting on a show or that musical you missed out on when it was touring. Magicians, dancers, animal acts – you don’t have much of a chance to get bored with so many shows to choose from.

You Can Get Historic (and Maybe Even Educational)

OK, so Las Vegas probably isn’t the place you think of when you think of education. But there are some educational opportunities, such as the Titanic exhibit. Or, if you’re more into science, you can see Bodies…The Exhibition. Both exhibits are at the Luxor, which makes it very easy to decide which one to see – see both!

Las Vegas is also very close (about 40 miles) to the Hoover Dam, a modern construction marvel. You can take a tour to get the most out of the history and the beauty of this structure. If that holds no interest for you, you can get some history by way of “old” Las Vegas. It’s a little more low-key than the Strip (and often less crowded), but just as exciting. The Mob Museum is in old Vegas, which may interest you even if dams don’t!

You Can Do a Little Work Poolside

While vacations are nice, some may have to find the time to get a little work in. What better place to get a little work out of the way than by the pool. There are many jobs like freelance writing jobs online that can easily be done by the pool which can help you enjoy your vacation.

You Can Travel Without Traveling Far

For some of us, a trip to Europe is not going to happen for a few years or so. You can get rid of some of your wanderlust by visiting Vegas, though, by visiting Italy (the Venetian) or France (the Paris), or, if you want to stay local, New York City (New York, New York). In Vegas, they are all within a few minutes of each other!

A touch of London also isn’t too far from Las Vegas. Make a day trip out of going to see the London Bridge, which was brought over from London in the late 1960s. Besides going to see the bridge, the town it is in, Lake Havasu City, is also a charming diversion from Las Vegas.

The Food!

Another great way to travel without traveling too far is to sample the cuisine. Find one of the cozy, authentic looking Irish pubs and curl up with a pint of Guinness while a live band plays a happy Irish tune. Or, try some authentic French cuisine, which may be rather hard to find in your own hometown. Whatever you’re craving there‘s a good chance you can find it somewhere in Vegas.

You Don’t Need a Car

One great thing about being in a tourist destination is that the city wants you to be able to get around easily. There are cabs, buses, and car services just waiting to take tired tourists wherever they want to go, with no worries.

Perhaps the best thing about Las Vegas is that there is always something to do. It’s easy to get around and easy to find something to interest everyone you’re with. Vegas is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives!

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