This is how we transfer items to the motorhome

Even Ginger gets in on the act to guard our home

Done with the transfer we park it in a space and button...

Our spot at our friends

They provide a nice yard and all the amenities.

So, as predicted, it took about a day and a half to transfer all our stuff and food to the motorhome, then there was the cleanup and straighten-up of the house. We departed Desert Gold an hour later than we’d hoped for, but we’re on the road nonetheless!! A beautiful day to drive, sunshine, cool temperatures and very little wind! We made it to our first night destination at the Death Valley Inn and RV Park in Beatty Nevada. We were awakened at 4:03 a.m. by the shaking of our motorhome due to a 6.5 Richter earthquake. As it turned out, about 30 miles north of Tonopah we were re-routed (detoured) onto US Hwy 6, Coaldale Pass for 30 miles, then detoured onto Hwy 360 back to US Hwy 95. We stopped momentarily to enquirer about the reason for the detour and was told that part of Hwy 95 had sustained damage from the earthquake. The remainder of the trip was easy-breezy into Carson City area. After 698 miles we made to our friends home and setup our RV in the space they’ve allocated to us...

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