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Once we left southern Illinois, the land was flat and boring. It we had taken the Indiana route, it would look just the same. As we drove north we watched the fresh green leaves of spring disappear. Many of the fields looked plowed and ready for planting, but there was little greeness to see except the grass. The drive was easy except for the gusty winds that made Ken feel like he was driving a bucking bronco. Traffic is usually light on I-57, but today there was even less competition for the pavement.

We had emptied our black (sewage) tank last night at the campground, so we stopped at a rest area. A woman inside was squirting disinfectant and it looked immaculate. From what we saw all the rest areas were open on the entire drive. Another silly rumor disproved.

As we rounded the corner into our community, we gasped. All the trees were blooming and against the bright blue sky they just glowed. I did not have time to admire the tulips and daffodils in our yard, a meagre collection compared to what we should be seeing in Holland, because it was time to unpack. Rain was in the forecast; we only have 24 hours to park in front of our house; so we threw pile after pile of stuff in the door and went back for more. We had left ourselves a clean, tidy home but after a few hours it looked like hoarders live here. Usually we come home with an empty fridge and larder, but more silly rumors left us stocking up until we left Florida. So there was much more to carry in than usual. Exhausting.

But it all got done before the rain fell again and we will enjoy having something to do, even if it only is hanging up clothing, as we move into our home bubble permanently. Not the vision we had in mind when we were here last in December.

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