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We didn't sleep very well last night as lines of thunderstorms marched across Florida as predicted. By the time we got up, they had dwindled to a gentle drizzle, also as predicted. We made good time here about an hour south of Atlanta. The roads certainly were not empty, but we did not hit any of the log jams we encountered on the way down here last December. One of our paranoid friends had warned us that the borders between the states are closed, but neither truck nor car nor RV slowed down as we left the Sunshine State. Since Georgia is at the forefront of opening everything back up, we were not surprised when the campground where we are tonight was open and waiting for us. They took our credit card info over the phone and handed us a campground map through the window so we would know where to go when we arrived. Ken barely had to step on the brakes. But we still need a hair cut.

It's a beautiful, warm blue sky evening and I'm trying to soak it up, because it may our last one for a while. It's likely we will drive through rain most of tomorrow to get home on a sunny day. We've unpacked in the rain before, but would just as soon bring everything in dry.

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