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After much hemming and hawing and consultation with apps and weather forecasts, we've decided to make a run for it and head home starting tomorrow. It would be easy to stay here although the weather is getting more hot and humid and the weather at home should become more pleasant. It is also a good idea to be near our doctor just in case. We're expecting some rain here as we leave and then smooth sailing with little traffic until we get home again. Gas prices are so low they may be paying us to take it off their hands.

Our thinking has changed so much since COVID19 invaded. We've gone from thinking about when it will be over to thinking about how to live with it. As long as we delete all the alluring travel e-mails that continuously fill our mail boxes, we can enjoy the simple pleasures of each other's company and days spent reading, getting a little exercise, and catching up on movies and shows.

Then our biggest challenge will be to figure out how to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, a milestone usually honored with family celebrations, big parties and/or fabulous trips somewhere special. Suggestions appreciated!

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