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At the moment it is hard to imagine a time when we will attend a performance and be in an audience with others. It wasn't quite the same thing, but the Florida Classic Car Society put on a show for us, driving nearly every one of the twenty miles of road in our resort. I'm not sure who had more fun: the audience cheering from their lawn chairs or the performers honking their classic horns. We were grateful for the break in the monotony, that's for sure.

Yesterday when I turned on the TV news while I prepared lunch, I was shocked to see that tornados were headed our way. It was a little windy and the sky was mostly gray, but the meteorologists were levitating with excitement as they zoomed their brightly colored weather maps in and out. After four months here we thought we recognized the names of nearby towns, but they kept moving the weather maps around and it was hard to be certain how much danger we were in. At such a time I always wish I was at home safe in my basement, but here we had a choice of the motor home or the executive suite which is about as secure as a double wide trailer.

While I was studying the weather map on TV I was distracted by flashing lights. Two fire engines, an ambulance, and two sheriffs' cars came down our street and parked two sites away. The residents of that trailer have had ambulance visits before this winter. After about half and hour of watching that scene and glancing at the angry purple and orange colors on the TV, someone was taken away and the tornadoes moved out to sea. Lunch eventually did get made.

It has been hot and humid some days, which lead us to notice that one of our rooftop mounted A/C units had turned into a fan. Once again we took advantage of the repair folks located within our resort bubble. They came over for a diagnosis, ordered a new A/C over night, and installed it in about an hour. As with everything involving the motor home the repair was $$$, but staying put socially distancing has lead to little money being spent on anything else.

A neighbor sent me a photo of my flower bed full of blooming daffodils and now I am really ready to go home. The gas prices have fallen so low we are left with the impression that gas stations will be paying us to take a few barrels worth off their hands. Consultation of our myriad apps and maps leaves us perplexed. No matter which day we leave, we will meet up with rain and storms. More excitement ahead...

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