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When I was younger, I used to wonder why old people seemed to have nothing to talk about but their health problems. "Aren't they interested in anything, but themselves?" I used to wonder. Now that I am old and have been possessed by the devil for the last ten days, I have much more empathy for those obsessed by their aches and pains. When they take over your whole life, it is hard to think about anything else. So I will simply say that my back is feeling much better, although there is still a spot on my thigh that feels like a 6" incision complete with stitches that pulls and aches whenever I rise from a seated position. I have no idea what caused it or if it will get worse, but so far I'm back to what resembles normal life in these abnormal COVID times. It feels great to ride my bike and be able to eat dinner seated at the table. I'm relieved our decision not to go to the emergency room appears to have been correct.

Zoom has been a wonderful remedy for our isolation, just as it probably has for you. We had a nice reunion with our Carolina family that we seem to be destined never to see in person. I also attended a meeting with a group of ladies from home that was formed after the 2016 election and is doing what they can to improve things in our little corner of the world. I also had my first tele-med conference with a physician's assistant back home that went very well. He spent forty minutes with me: listening, asking questions, and trying to figure out what is wrong with my shoulder. I could show him my range of motion with the camera on my laptop. Too bad I can't figure out how to get an MRI from an electronic distance. Sorry! There I go again talking about my health problems....

Our campground is gradually emptying, although many of our neighbors like us feel safer and more comfortable here than they would at home. The percent of those diagnosed with the virus here is much lower (or perhaps they are not doing as much testing?) and we can be outside riding our bikes and enjoying the fresh air. Grocery shopping and visits to the hardware store feel only slightly different that the did before the virus. The aisles are quite empty and few people wear masks. It is getting hotter and more humid; we've run the A/C for the last few days. At home it just snowed again. Our motor home has never been so clean, in such good repair. The local repair facility took care of most of the issues Ken wanted to address at Freightliner in Gaffney, SC, which is still closed. Every day Ken has a project to fix or improve something in our coach or in the executive suite that is part of our campsite.

So if I continue to be able to do my share of what needs to be done and Ken runs out of projects, we plan to head north again sometime next week. We will welcome some new scenery, but are a bit fearful of the much higher numbers of COVID cases and deaths.

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