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Home via Singapore and Dubai

Day 196

The hotel room is lovely with comfortable bed and an extra bed brought up for Marcus. Although I am absolutely exhausted I am unable to sleep as I am terrified our flights will be cancelled. I toss and turn whilst Mark and Marcus sleep like babies.

Eventually, I decide to get up and make my way down to the terminal to check on flights and find out where we need to go to catch our plane to Singapore. Dressing quietly I then make my way down to reception to catch the buggy down to the departure lounge. Everything is eerily quiet for an airport hotel with very few people around.

The departure lounge is quiet with some people wandering aimlessly around. I look up at the departure boards to see flight after flight has been cancelled, which is really worrying. This is the international terminal and our flight is from the domestic terminal so there is no information available for this. As I wait at the information desk a number of travellers from the UK are desperate as they have now had their flights home cancelled three times in the last 24 hours. I am informed that our flight is still scheduled at the moment and that their is a train to the other terminal from downstairs, so I make my way back to the hotel.

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