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Well both Rod & I had a restless night. Me, listening to the torrential rain and raging river wondering if we will get out safely. Rod thinking how he could save Charlene & I from the hyena he could hear close by. Oh how the mind plays with us!!

Breakfast was early and once light we could see just how high the Mara River was - it looked like it doubled overnight!! The locals said they hadn’t seen it that high. Oh dear.

John and the drivers are optimistic the roads will be fine and we are all happy to be departing early. And off we go!

Surprisingly the roads are a wee bit better than yesterday however still ‘heart in the throat’ anxiety. For a good portion of the trip, the gals & I stopped all chatter and just hung on. Jimmy in his consideration not to shake us too badly, slowed down a wee bit too much, and we got stuck. Our Jeep is a little lower than the others and we got hung up with 2 tires spinning freely. We just watched as the other two jeeps managed to get behind us and pushed us out. Amazing! Water and mud covered the Jeep and it now looked just like one of the buffalo or hippos that rolled in the mud!

Another 18km of slowly but surely sliding down the muddy road and we arrived at the junction and a higher, drier road. Only 25km and we hit tarmac - hooray.

Once we reached the gates, several of the group took the Maasai village cultural tour. It is interesting to see how they live and hear of their customs. They performed a lively dance of welcome to the group which was fun!

And now on to Nairobi. The roads are great, we stop for a quick lunch and around 40km out of Nairobi we climb a long steep hill with hundreds and hundreds of large trucks. It is almost bumper to bumper and is the main supply route in & out of Nairobi. That doesn’t daunt our drivers in the least. They pass uphill with a blind curve and manage to wiggle into a non existent space in front of the slower moving vehicles. Not for the faint of heart - all of this happening with a steep drop down, down, down into the Rift Valley. The views are stunning!

Finally we come to the Jambo Viewpoint, the expansive Rift Valley below us. It is so beautiful, it almost takes your breath away. Here was the perfect spot for our group photo with the guys!

Not much further now into Nairobi, and our home for the next two nights, the Karen Blixen Cottages. Oh WOW 𯘯 they are gorgeous rooms and the staff exceptional! We unpacked, had dinner and made it an early night.

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