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Lake Navaisha Country Club



So close - not shy like the ones in Samburu!






Charlene and I awaken early and head to the dining room in nighties and sweaters to get a coffee. We then sat on our patio and listened to the sounds of the jungle - the Colobus monkeys make a very loud guttural sound for such small animals! Along with the Colobus chant, Various other birds chirp and screech - it is quite the cacophony of sounds, and we loved it!

Breakfast time and we all gather in the dining room except for poor Diane. She has been getting increasingly unwell over the night. So much so that with John’s help we called an ambulance to take her to Nairobi Women’s here in Naivasha. Roy & John accompanied her, Jimmy took me to the next hotel to check the group in, while the group went on a boat safari looking for hippos.

Our rooms at the Lake Naivasha Country Club are very nice with lovely patios. As we are all side by side, we gathered on the patio and before long, happy hour was in full swing! The cheeky vervet monkeys were everywhere, only these little guys are NOT shy. I would stand on the patio and instead of running away they would come closer. Before long they were everywhere around us and got a little unnerving. They seemed to like the mosquito coil we had lit so had to keep chasing them away. Cheeky little devils!!

Eventually the group made its way to dinner and I stopped to chat with Tammy & Shane. While chatting, Roy, Diane, John & Jimmy arrived back from the hospital. Thankfully it was only bacteria that was the culprit which is relatively easily taken care of with antibiotics!

We had an early night as tomorrow we head for the Masai Mara which is a 6 or 7 hour drive. Good night!

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