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Karen Blixen Cottages in Nairobi - devine!







Today is a glorious free day! Everyone makes their way down to breakfast at their leisure. I check in on Diane as the ride yesterday was gruelling and she is not well at all. I made a quick decision that another hospital visit was mandatory to deal with the pain she was experiencing.

Within the hour we were in a taxi to the Karen Hospital (this entire area is called Karen, after Karen Blixen). The hospital is very efficient and within the hour she was speaking with a specialist. He was very thorough with his questions and tests and considering we just popped in, we were taken care of quite quickly.

At 2pm John joined us, bless his heart. It was comforting to have him with us. By 4pm the Dr. is suspecting appendicitis and following an ultrasound, it is confirmed that surgery needs to happen this evening. We are all in shock as the previous hospital visit on Sunday included an ultrasound test as well. At that time though the appendix wasn’t inflamed and didn’t show so they moved on to bacteria. Yikes! Forms are completed, insurance company contacted once again and the staff prepare Diane for surgery. Roy, John & I decide to head back to the hotel as it is now 6pm and Diane will be out until morning.

The gang are at the Tamarind restaurant next door and we join them. Hilary and Marilyn are both heading home tomorrow so there was a very festive atmosphere. No one wants the trip to end! The food, the surroundings and especially the waiters was fabulous! What a great evening.

Back in our room, we call the hospital and Diane is back in the ward, surgery was a success and she is doing fine. Glory Hallelujah!!

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