Fingal Bay despite the Van and the Virus travel blog

SUN Feb 23 - Day -1

The recent rain event has given us 450mm in the home rain gauge in a bit over 2 weeks. Wow!! Lots of people prayed for rain and now we have a lot of rain. So when the weekend came to take the van off the property at Samford, the creek bed we had to drive through was running at knee height. Take the van out??? No can do. So we put the trip back a week.

A couple of nights later the creek was running at about waist height. But hey! Who’s complaining? Not us. We prayed for it - we got it. Join the frogs and enjoy it.

Fortunately the SE Qld rains stopped about Wed and by the weekend it was a dry crossing.

However the rains continued on to drench Far NQ and the whole of Western Qld and extended down into NSW providing good soaking rains over the next couple of weeks while we were away. (another 160mm in rain gauge when we got back)

We too did not escape the rain which was scattered over the 3 weeks - good photographs were rare and were often snapped as the climate went through multiple patterns in one day - rain, heat, wind, overcast, gales.

Now after a few days with almost no rain we have taken the van over a dry creek crossing again, and brought it back to our church's grounds for the night while we pack our stuff in - Ron slept in the van for security safety.

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