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Denver International Airport, March 9, 2020

Glen Haven to Anchorage


All good times must come to an end. Time to head back to Alaska, I hear it’s snowing in Anchorage.

Kate and I got up early so we could have breakfast at the Notch Top before catching the Estes Park Shuttle to Denver International Airport. We were at the table and eating around 8:30 AM. After a leisurely breakfast it was over to the Estes Park visitor center at 9:30 for the 10:00 AM pick up. We said our good byes and it was down the hill at !0:00AM to DIA.

The shuttle got me to DIA by around noon. The flight to Seattle wasn’t going to leave until 4:45PM. I had built in plenty of time for snags getting down the mountain. Turns out the snag would be with the airlines.

I checked in really early at the Alaska Airlines counter. I was told the flight to Seattle was delayed. The delay would result in missing my connecting flight to Anchorage. The lady booked an earlier flight to SEA and another to ANCH that would get me into Anchorage 4 hours earlier. Works for me except I could not get the aisle seat I covet on the SEA to Anchorage leg. Oh well.

My new flight out of DIA was also delayed a bit. We departed at 2:56 PM MST and arrived at 4:27PM (PST) in SEA. I noticed as we taxied into the gate that my next flight was boarding. Sure hope the gate was close. Turns out I had to get to another gate by tram so time was of the essence. I arrived at the departure gate as they were boarding the last passengers. Whew.

We took off at 5:40PM and was told the flight would be a bit longer due to a 70 knot headwind. The flight was expected to take 3 hours and 38 minuets. I was in a middle seat, for me, the worse place possible . The flight was full so I was stuck. I would rather ride in the hold with the dogs but they would not let me.

I’m a large person so I tend to crowd my seat mates which I hate. If I have an aisle window seat, I only crowd one person. Today, two people got lucky. I guess it worked out. I met a nice lady who lives in Kodiak on my left. I didn’t talk to the guy on my right but he ordered a double of something on the rocks to mellow him out. We survived. I was sure glad to land.

In the end it worked out. Julie picked me up at 8:30PM instead of the 12:00 PM originally Planned. She met me inside the terminal like I had been gone for years. was very nice.

So ends another exciting winter trip.

Next up….Julie goes to Buckeye, AZ on March 24th, 2020! My turn to watch the dog.

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