2020 The COVID-19 staycation year travel blog

Impressive wood carving

Low Head Pilot Station

Seahorses at Beauty Point

A game of cricket for giants


Dan with some new friends at Railton

Living memorial at Railton

Beaconsfield Mine

We visited the historic town of Low Head in northern Tasmania, which is where Australia's longest tidal river, the Tamar, enters the dangerous waters of Bass Strait. We spent a morning exploring the Low Head Pilot Station Museum which was a beautiful old building built by convict labour in 1835. The museum was very hands on and we both tried our hand at morse code and failed.

Further along the coast at Beauty Point we visited Seahouse World and Southern Ocean Aquarium. It was fascinating to learn about seahorses and their mysterious behaviour.

We saw "The Farm" which is Australia's only working seahorse farm. This is where we feed the seahorses. There were thousands of them in all stages of life from tiny fingernail size babies to the larger breeding adults.

The final room is "The Southern Ocean Aquarium" where they showcase some of the bizarre and mystical creatures found in Tasmanian waters.

As we were not too far from Beaconsfield, we visited the area. This was were in 2006 two miners were trapped a kilometre underground after a gold mine collapse. They were finally rescued after two weeks as the world watched on.

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