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Good morning Las Vegas

This mascot is a wave. Guess that explains the hairdo

There are so many possible cations for this picture. Lets just say...

Saw a couple of games. This one is Pepperdine vs Saint Marys

The crew getting ready to cook steaks. Larry, Bill, and Scott. Almost...

Fritz was on hand to figure out how to work the grills

Kristi and Nancy taking a break from dinner prep

Sharon getting ready to enjoy an excellent meal

Some College Basketball Action


I was up early to get the bread and cinnamon rolls at Great Harvest Bread. I manage to get the goodies to the condo on time for breakfast. Scott and Kristi prepared the eggs and sausage. We cut up some cinnamon rolls to go with the feast.

Around noon, we loaded up the van for the Orleans arena to take in some women’s college basketball. Gonzaga didn’t play, (they play later in the tourney because of their high seeding), but we had fun anyway.

After the games, we found Sharon and Bill and put them in the van to take them to the condo for dinner. Tonight’s menu is steak, potatoes and asparagus done just right. We had a lovely dinner with drinks and talked again covering mostly sports and college basketball, and old movies and TV shows.

At a reasonable hour, I needed to go to get ready for my drive tomorrow. Sharon and Bill hitched a ride with me giving Fritz,(the chauffeur), a break. I said my good-byes and promised to plan better, (attend the games), to and to bring Julie.

It is always great seeing these guys again. Thanks so much for including me.

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