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Hanging out in Las Vegas


The whole clan crammed into the 15 passenger van for the annual pilgrimage to “Mr. Mamma’s Breakfast and Lunch.” This is a great place to eat and the host is a hoot.

After breakfast, we went to the condo and hung out for hours discussing all sorts of topics including kids, gran-kids, sports, old movies, all the maladies we are succumbing to and how the “virus” will surely take us all because we belong to a high risk group (folks over 65). It seems we never run out of things to talk about. Lots of fun.

Sharon and Bill left to go to their hotel, (the Orleans), and make money in the casino. The rest of us headed over to the Yard House for great food and craft beer. We go here often and always have fun.

After a big day it was decided by the commander and chief, (Kristi), that we should gather for homemade breakfast at about 8AM tomorrow. Gathering adjourned for now.

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