When you’re getting your gear together for a cold weather winter vacation, there are some must-have items that you’d be sorry to forget. To have a fun and exciting trip, you need to dress for the occasion. There are a few key items that you’ll need to wear and have with you to feel warm and comfortable throughout your trip. Here’s a checklist of what you need to bring for a perfect winter getaway.

Lip Balm

In cold and dry weather, your lips dry out much more quickly than usual. Licking dry lips in the cold can make them crack. You’ll want to keep lip balm with you throughout your day so you can soothe dry winter lips.


Cold air and frosty winds can really dry out your skin. It’s especially noticeable on your hands, and it can even be painful. Bring some travel size lotion with you on your trip to keep your hands, face, and body hydrated. When skin is very dry, even just regular lotion can cause stinging or irritation. The driest skin will likely benefit more from a petroleum-based ointment or an oil such as vitamin e oil instead of regular moisturizing lotion.

Winter Hat

Whether you’re planning for busy ski trip, a secluded cabin retreat, or an amazing Antarctica cruise, you’re going to need a warm and comfortable winter hat on your cold weather vacation. Lots of your body heat is lost through the top of your head. Keep your body warmer by getting a thick wool hat for your winter trip. Pom or no pom, your winter hat needs to be made of thick wool or cotton. The fit has to be comfortable and not too tight.

Touch Screen Gloves

Thick materialled gloves are an essential item to remember when you're thinking about how to prepare for cold winter vacations. Look for a pair that features touch-screen fingertips so you don’t have to take them off to use your phone. It’s a good idea to bring more than one pair of gloves. Gloves can get lost easily, and you’ll want a fresh pair if they happen to get wet.

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are a much-appreciated accessory when you’re outside in cold weather. Keeping small handwarmers in your pockets will help keep your blood circulating through your hands and fingers, making your extremities feel less numb and chilly. You can also try warmers that are specifically made for your boots to keep cold toes warm and comfortable.

Long Underwear

Long underwear is a lifesaver when you’re trying to spend significant time outdoors during the winter. This added barrier of protection from the elements will keep you much warmer throughout your day.

Warm PJs

Having your favorite warm and snuggly pajamas on a winter trip will make you feel extra cozy when you turn in for the night. It will also make getting up out of your warm and comfy bed a little easier on a cold morning.


Eye protection is an often-overlooked must-have accessory for a winter vacation. People always remember to bring their sunglasses to the beach but don’t always remember to bring them to a winter destination. However, it’s necessary to wear UV protection all times of the year, and the sun can be especially bright in some areas during the winter months. Snow reflecting the sun can be almost blindingly white. A pair of polarized sunglasses will help you take in all of the winter beauty around you while you protect your eyes from UV rays.


Bring along some of your favorite teas on your trip. Don’t settle for whatever tea is on hand when you can bring the brand that you love. After you come in from an outing in the cold, sipping on a hot cup of tea will make you feel cozy and warm. Bring a stainless-steel leak-proof container so you can keep your hot beverage with you when you’re outside.

Preparing for a winter trip involves a lot of conscientious planning. Think carefully about what you need to bring with you to make the most of your winter travels.

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