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Greeted by 3 white rhino on the roadside, a bit too close...

African fish eagle!

Wood Hoopoe

Sunset over the Oliphants River.

Two very vain yellow hornbill!

A zebra altercation with a few onlookers!

Bee eater skimming water for insects.

Ele seeing off several saddle billed storks, not happy!!

A couple of Male Kudo locking horns!

A flock of red d billed quelea. A small African bird famous...

Kori bustard displaying.

Malachite kingfisher....fishing!

One of our dinner guests when dining in the Bush!

European roller having a yawn and well earned break from catching insects.

Hyena and wild dog facing off.....they don't tolerate each other at all.

Gosh its tiring work eating grass all day!

A young eagle owl.

Black backed jackal keeping an eye on us.

The only way is up!

Paradise flycatcher.

Dinner with friends!

The only snake we saw on our trip!

When we came to SA in 2018, we visited an area in Kruger called Phalaborwa which is a less commercialised part of the Kruger. We booked an air bnb cottage and whilst it looked great, nothing could prepare us for the hospitality we received from the family that owned the property. Since our stay in 2018, we have kept in touch with the family and nothing could keep us for visiting them on this trip.

It was great to see and stay with them again and whilst we didn't see a great deal this time, this week was all about catching up with some very special people that we now feel privileged to call friends.

As Phalaborwa end of the park was so quiet, we decided to spend a weekend in the Bush at a place called Satara to try increase our chances of seeing Cheetah as so far on the trip, this was the only big cat we hadn't seen. Satara is a good area for cheetah and last time we visited we saw a mother and five Cubs.....alas we were not so lucky this time! In fact we saw very little in terms of cats, just going to prove that wildlife does not come to order! However we did see lots of different wildlife scenarios playing out, I have selected a few pictures depicting those moments.

We had a brilliant time in the Bush and a great week with friends!

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