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A few weeks ago as we sailed away on the Harmony of the Seas, we looked down on the harbor and Jetty Park. Today we returned to the area to reverse that view, joining pelicans to peer up at the mammoth ship as it left Port Canaveral. Jetty Park was full of campers, fishermen and beach goers. Our perch across from the park at the boat launch had fewer people and cost nothing to enter. While we waited we watched the pelicans shadowing the fishermen, looking for an easy meal. It's disconcerting to watch the fish flop around in the pelican's craw before it is dispatched by that final swallow. We could hear the ship's horn sound the warning SOS for the life boat drill and knew that its departure would be half an hour later. We waved at the happy passengers leaning over the railings to wave at us as the behemoth sailed past us taking another group of happy passengers to the Caribbean.

In honor of all the great meals we enjoyed on the Harmony, we had a great fish dinner seaside at the port. Unlike the cruise, there were prices on the menu. Looking forward to cruising again soon.

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