Bob and Julie head South travel blog

Kate's birthday party at Rockcut Brewery with some friends

A fire pit we added to the side yard of the cabin...

Bob at a model airplane contest near Wasilla, Alaska

A local critter encountered during our daily dog walks in September. Sadie...

Added these snazzy doors to our outhouse on Secluded Lake

Kate home for Christmas 2019 visiting with her brothers

Look at that clear blue sunny sky! Don't know why Julie is...

Been so chilly this winter Sadie was forced to wear a sweater!

Dog walk at minus 15 degrees.

Well look who's team won the Super Bowl this year!

August 2019 thru Febuary 2020

Have not posted anything to this trip journal Since June of 2019. What follows is a quick review of what has been going on with Bob and Julie.

In Late August / early September, we took a quick trip to visit our daughter Kate in Colorado. Other than that, we have stayed close to home.

Had a pretty good summer but there were a lot of fires in Alaska this year. The fall was lovely but the winter has been harder than in years past, cold weather a some impressive snowfalls. We were spoiled by the last few mild winters. This winter has been like winters used to be in Alaska.

Next week Bob will be making a trip down to Colorado and Nevada. Hopefully, this will go back to being a “Trip” journal again.

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