You've planned and prepared, and finally it's here--the incredible vacation you've worked so hard on. You've coordinated activities, reserved spots and now it's time to pack your bags. If you've scheduled a lot of rigorous adventures for your trip, there are certain essentials you should take along on the journey so that everything goes off without a hitch. Here are six must-haves you don't want to find yourself without on an extreme vacation.

Waterproof Gear

Nothing can ruin a hike or outing faster than a downpour you're not prepared for. Be sure to search out quality rain gear before you embark on your trip, especially if you're headed to a tropical zone. Look for a raincoat that's made from a breathable material so you won't feel like you're trapped inside a sauna when it rains. Look for something lightweight, yet durable that will dry quickly. Finally, make sure it's a piece that's easy to fold and won't wrinkle.

A Backpack

No addition will come in as handy as a backpack. When you're on an active vacation where you'll be moving from one place to the next, you'll want a trusty pack as your go-to accessory. Leave the fancy pocketbook at home. A backpack will travel well whether you're trekking through the rain forest, spending a day at the beach or even enjoying a hands-free day of shopping. Find one that has plenty of compartments to store valuables, and lots of space to hold the treasures you find. Your backpack will likely become a loyal travel companion for years to come, so choose carefully.

Portable Energy

If you're used to eating a specific diet, you know that when you travel, a lot of that goes by the wayside. You'll have to make certain sacrifices and substitutions. Make sure you plan ahead for quick snacks when you're going non-stop. Prepare healthy treats to throw in your pack or even consider an energizing supplement to bring with you, like the handy ones you read about in thrive reviews. This makes getting your nutrition and much-needed energy easy and quick.

The Right Footwear

Just as important as the right clothing is, proper footwear is vital. Depending on your destination, your foot gear may need to be rugged, breathable or waterproof, but the one thing it must be is comfortable. Search out non-slip shoes that can be used for several activities such as hiking, rappelling and even white water rafting. Be sure to try out your footwear a few days before you leave. Far from home, on a mountainside, is not the place to find out your shoes are making you suffer.

Bug Spray and Sunblock

If you're traveling anywhere near the equator or at a high altitude, sunblock is indispensable. Even if your destination isn't a hot climate, you can be severely burned the closer you are to the sun, including the glare off snow. If the tropics are on your schedule, pack a can of bug spray. You don't want to risk a disease from mosquitoes. Not only is it convenient to have these items packed and ready, they can also be expensive in different countries or in touristy areas.

Tech Protection

Extreme sports and recreation in the wilderness are at the mercy of the elements. Whether torrential downpours, scorching sun or water and snow sports, be sure you bring proper protection to keep your phone and gadgets safe. More than likely, you'll be using your phone for pictures, not just talking, so make sure it's protected from water and heat. Invest in a secure case and remember to bring a power bank so you're never out of communication.

Dependable Accompaniments

Including items like protective gear, a backpack and even energy supplements can ensure a terrific trip and save you time. Instead of having to scramble at the last minute, you'll be well-prepared and can concentrate solely on having a good time. Most of these dependable accompaniments will last for years and many future trips.

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